Le photographe Brock Elbank a pris en photo 30 modèles adultes et enfants atteints d’un naevus mélanocytaire congénital, une lésion dermatologique présente dès la naissance chez des nouveau-nés. Le résultat est ultra-poétique. 

La beauté de la différence

How Do You C Me Now ?” est la nouvelle exposition du photographe anglais Brock Elbank. Elle présente  le naevus mélanocytaire congénital, une lésion de la peau qui affecte les nouveaux-nés. À travers des clichés ultra-poétiques, Brock Elbank célèbre et sublime ces “taches de naissance” du 14 au 24 mars à la galerie Oxo à Londres ! En attendant, vous pouvez retrouver ses clichés sur son feed Instagram.  

Ses muses, Polly Ellens et Yulianna Yussef, sont une vraie source d’inspiration sur Instagram pour toutes les jeunes femmes possédant cette lésion dermatologique. Les blogueuses respirent la joie de vivre et ont su jouer de leurs taches de naissance dans chacune de leurs photos.


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Well, I want to be honest with you and tell you a little bit more about how I actually physically live my life with birthmarks. My posts showcase how confident I am about my birthmarks, self acceptance and how I’ve learned to live with my giant Nevus. Here is “behind the scene” of the fancy posts.. . ☀️I should start from the hairs, this is a very BIG and annoying topic for anyone who has many birthmarks and specially a giant one..Sooo my back is actually fluffy 🤦🏽‍♀🐯 I can’t do anything about that, and even more annoyingly, the hairs on the birthmarks all over my body are thicker and more dense than around the normal skin. We cant wax or shave them , or use removal creams ( because it could turn to melanoma ) and all I have heard from doctor is that I should cut them.. wait a second..CUT them?! Now you can imagine me 🌵.. it makes me sick .. Also there were lots of different situations when I really hated this “fluffy stuff”. For example you might try to prepare your boyfriend that you have something unusual on your back .. but how do you explain that you are like a cute fluffy animal on touch?! 🤦🏽‍♀ let alone the many awkward questions you get whilst at school or on the streets… . ☀️ “Does it hurt?”- you asking .. It’s itching is so f***ing bad that it just drives you crazy! Sometimes I literally want to scratch my skin off🙇🏽‍♀ waking up at night because I can’t control myself, scratching it which causes the birthmark to swells and forces me to get up and put cold compress on it. Sometimes I really feel like a 🐒. Just imagine some business meeting, of course I’m nervous, if I’m nervous it’s itching a hundreds time more and my strength of will not to stretch myself 😩🔨 uuff… I am an adult now, I can control myself but children no, some scratch themselves till they draw blood at night. There is no solution besides growing up and learning how to control yourself. It’s a part of our “difference” and we should learn to live with this. ☀️The last one for today is #Melanoma. 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 #read below

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“Sans différences, pas d’harmonie.”