Depuis quelques temps Instagram est envahi par le mouvement «body positive» via le hashtag #HipDips. Ce dernier rend hommage au creux qui se forme sur les hanches des femmes, une partie du corps souvent sujette aux complexes.À l’origine du phénomène, on trouve Carys Gray, une blogueuse galloise de 22 ans. Le 22 juin dernier, la jeune femme a posté une photo sur son compte Instagram dans laquelle elle dénonce les critiques qu’elle entend régulièrement à l’encontre de cette partie du corps. Elle explique : «La beauté ne se trouve pas dans notre type de corps, mais bien dans ce que nous sommes : comment nous pensons, comment nous parlons, comment nous sourions, comment nous rions, comment nous aidons les autres, comment nous nous soucions des autres, comment nous nous aimons.» Elle tente de faire prendre conscience à ses 381 000 abonnés qu’il n’y a aucune raison qu’elles aient honte de cette partie de leur corps. D’ailleurs, il n’y a qu’à faire un tour sur Instagram et taper #hipdips pour réaliser que des centaines de milliers d’autres femmes se sentent concernées. On peut voir plus de 2 500 publications où des femmes montrent fièrement leur corps et partagent en commentaires des messages très positifs.

❗However you are feeling or however you look at this point in time you are enough for everything and everyone. We are not defined by our body type, beauty comes from so far within us. How we think, how we speak, how we smile, how we laugh, how we help others, how we care, how we love and the list goes on. Today for the first time in a long time I’ve been completely lacking body confidence and this breaks my heart.. although I wore my bikini all day, the thought of wearing one in a photo made me feel sick. Each and everyday I practise self love and want to promote body confidence to you guys. On days like today remember everything else that makes us beautiful and that we can be a confident lil chickas no matter what stage we’re at with our bodies. You are beautiful and you are enough. I know this SO DAMN CRINGEY AND IF YOU’RE STILL READING THIS THEN U NEED A MEDAL. Ok thank u I’m done I love u very much and I’m going to eat pizza now bye bye ❤ #fit #health #healthy #gym #workout #Abs #glutes #fitfam #girlswholift #cardio #fitspo #instafit #gains #girlgains #muscle #strength #motivation #muslce #booty #leanin15 #womensbest

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A la rédac’, on salue cette nouvelle tendance qui décomplexe et encourage les femmes à cesser d’être obsédées par leur silhouette, une initiative qui vient d’ailleurs à point nommé avant l’été !  Voici quelques exemples hyper inspirants :

Lately on my dash I’ve seen lots of posts about hip dips. I just want to let you know that they’re normal! It’s part of our anatomy, and on some is more noticeable than others. It all depends on your body type, muscle, and fat distribution. �In case you didn’t know, the femurs connect to the pelvis. Wow! Reference the 2nd picture if this is confusing!�That is exactly what a “hip dip” is. The space on the sides between the top of your pelvis and your femurs. You get a hip dip from being born with a skeleton. Incredible. Everyone has one, but sometimes it’s not as noticeable. Men and women have it, but it’s more noticable on women because our hips are usually more pronounced. Like I said earlier, it’s about fat and muscle distribution, as well as your own unique skeletal structure and shape. It’s often more visible on those with wide, high-set hips. Some women have it more noticeable, some don’t, but it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Everyone has them Seriously, you’ll have one as long as you keep your skeleton. Can they be decreased in appearance by losing excess fat? Sure, to an extent. But guess what? I had quite pronounced ones even at my leanest, when I carried so little fat that I stopped getting my period (this was unhealthy, I know). Hip dips are NOT the same as a muffin top. Sometimes they can create a similar appearance in clothing, but it’s not!!! The same!! Thing!!! I’ve also seen people saying that hip dips can be filled out by working on your gluteus medius. That could be true for some people to a certain extent, but unless your hip dips are already barely visible, it’s absolutely fucking ridiculous to think they’ll be significantly filled out by growing a part of your glute. I know mine sure won’t. They’re too big, and that’s okay! But go throw your money at whatever booty builder program you want and see if I care. Honestly, the visibility of mine is my biggest insecurity. I don’t know why or at what point I was taught to hate them, but I was, and I’m working on unlearning it. It’s really helped me seeing other girls on here post about theirs and NORMALIZING it. So here are mine!

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Today is not my day but at least my quads look ok ‍♀️ #gaintrain #quadsquad #hipdip

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