Alors que l’année touche à sa fin, il est temps de faire un bilan sur les personnes qui ont eu le plus de succès sur Instagram. 2016 a été une consécration pour les femmes influentes sur Instagram si bien qu’elles occupent 8 places sur 10 dans ce classement.

1- Selena Gomez

104 millions de followers. LA star d’Instagram cette année.

2- Taylor Swift

94 Millions de followers


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3- Ariana Grande

90 millions de followers

4- Beyoncé

89 millions de followers

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5- Kim Kardashian 

88,9 millions de followers.

Balenciaga. No make up today.

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6- Cristiano Ronaldo

82,8 millions de followers.

Happy to win the best player of the tournament. Thanks boys 🔝🔝🔝

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7 – Kylie Jenner

80 millions de followers

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8- Dwayne Johnson

71,5 millions de followers.

Just shot a very cool promo for our new @sevenbucksprod’s Original Series on @CNN called #SOUNDTRACKS🎼. Our 8 part series explores how music’s most anthemic songs inspired our most historic times and vice versa. 9/11, LGBT Movement, Kent State, Berlin Wall, Moon Landing, MLK Assassination etc. Every iconic artist from the past 5 decades sat with us and shared their inspirations behind the powerful songs they wrote. Our @sevenbucksprod’s continues a great growth trajectory as a company and you guys are really gonna dig this cool and high quality show. Emotional, fascinating and powerful. HUGE thank you to our brilliant and award winning production partners @showofforcefilm for the dedicated work. #SOUNDSTRACKS🎼 #CNNOriginalSeries PREMIERES THURSDAY, APRIL 20th. 9PM on @CNN. Music is our soul..

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9- Nicki Minaj

69,4 millions de followers.

Hello from the other side @donatella_versace

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10- Kendall Jenner

69,2 millions de followers.

new @laperlalingerie campaign

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